Operating system for OpenComputers
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A lightweight, multi-user operating system for OpenComputers


The kernel

The kernel is composed of a number of modules, found in the module/ directory. Which modules are included can be customised by changing the include statements in module/init.lua; copying it and customizing that is recommended, so you can git pull later without having to stash or reset your changes.

Unix-like systems

The kernel can be built using the preproc library and provided scripts:

lua build.lua module/init.lua kernel.lua


The kernel can be built from inside PsychOS using the preproc library, assuming you have the kernel source available:


The boot filesystem

A boot filesystem contains several things:

  • The kernel, as init.lua
  • The lib/ directory, containing libraries
  • The service/ directory, containing system services

This has been automated in the form of build.sh, pending a real makefile.


Documentation is generated as the system is built with build.sh; a set of markdown files will be placed into doc/, as well as an all-in-one apidoc.md. If pandoc is installed, an apidoc.pdf will also be generated.