56 Commits (master)

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  XeonSquared 2e3907abd3 made ct.p and ct.P point to the correct functions 1 week ago
  XeonSquared 36a3912c84 made ed clipboard-aware 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 2c9bb81fe9 added a clipboard daemon, changed default services 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared fbef63f9b0 made fserv able to serve http(s) 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared bc1f7d7c6c added a simple wget program for internet cards 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 0aba709fb1 added a filesyste manager program, for auto (un)mounting of filesystems 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared e351683a88 made dispmanager not crash when presented with no data dir 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 03341e6af7 made the more intelligent routing actually work 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 5cabb476de removed some legacy stuff 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared aa570fcc4e replaced the editor with skex2 because it's infinitely better and works on PsychOS2 now 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared be8ba0a40b made the shell not return pcall's true if it is true 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 7347c93988 made external executables return despite being in a different process. yay for IPC? 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 6c45180119 wrote a more flexible terminal creation system 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 12df3de7df added a cd() builtin to the shell, for changing working directory 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared ead102f131 made the shell spawn executed files as their own process and wait for them to complete 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared b8d3df6bee more general gitignore filters 1 month ago
  XeonSquared dc03ad94bc added an FRequest client and server 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 8ca414e312 updated to comply with some of the more recent minitel changes 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 2aca6df1b4 cleaned up some meta stuff 1 month ago
  XeonSquared eaef339fe9 added an unarchiving program, changed mkarchive behavior slightly 1 month ago
  XeonSquared f674efaa28 added an archiving program 1 month ago
  XeonSquared b867628bdf gitignored generated docs, added the default init.txt 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 77ceb65be6 service/tape-iofs.lua 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 8e3ee7bcb2 never mind no reading files line by line in fs.read 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 63cb1ceea4 modified the docs to show iofs supports seek 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 8a880406bc added the ability to seek and read files line by line 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 77c28adefa added a tarbomb version of the cpio archive, for using with tapeloader 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 3f214d3ebc this is an intervention 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 735a8f5ee2 forgot to include this, required for minitel 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 604532eb6c replaced the dummy fd with one that logs to a file 7 months ago
  XeonSquared a29fc154a0 added a terminal server and bad netcat clone 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 59abb31fee more cross-platform improvements 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 638092b4cc made os.spawn dump errors to stdout 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 6b62292dd1 fixed the backspacing past the start bug mostly 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 64e4229c42 rewrote io.open because it was bad 7 months ago
  XeonSquared bbacdc6dbd moved the creation of a sink fd into createterms 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 517d579bb9 made io create a default sink fd 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 95e6a18216 documentation of a sort 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 695ac926ed fix some bugs with io.lua, expose io.newfd() 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 0928241895 removed the whole mod-service thing 7 months ago
  XeonSquared b28991241c updated build.sh to reflect the current state of the OS 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 50c7a3841c added a minitel stack, using the same code as the OpenOS version 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 2b69f81111 added shell utility programs 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 9ee9b5d6a2 added a module only to create fds from GPU+Screen+Keyboard combos 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 863f343646 made spawnprompt set the terminal correctly 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 8b35bfe3a6 made the shell cleaner, and tell the current $PWD 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 2ddf1f1ca2 redid the io system almost entirely, including more commenting 7 months ago
  XeonSquared d9cc184f84 commented loadfile-related functions, added require() 7 months ago
  XeonSquared 2c772b2987 commented the use of vt100emu 7 months ago
  XeonSquared f6a405d886 added comments to applicable functions 7 months ago