164 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  XeonSquared 583b300720 removed dprint statements from nvt 20 hours ago
  XeonSquared f5db94e03c made init not spew irritating syslog messages 20 hours ago
  XeonSquared bf66fa15e1 fixed tabs in nvt 20 hours ago
  XeonSquared f68605ffea added a better replacement VT100 emulator 20 hours ago
  XeonSquared 5d2d09fbcf more control code support for the terminal emulator 22 hours ago
  XeonSquared 67de47ebd4 screenblank works with the new rc system now, rejoyce 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 9eec6bf193 mount() now asks for the right addresses 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared cfe3e78d64 importfs and exportfs improvements 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 6c2ef1580b made fsmanager work with the new rc system 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared dbb7080ca2 made rpc.call less flimsy hopefully 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared f33ce1e1e0 added default services to rc, made rc.stop cope if there is no stop function in a daemon, and rc.enable actually enables things now 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 8b29e472f8 fix some fs informational problems 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 928a1db13c colours in the shell! 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared eccc80ad16 added tab support to the terminal emulator 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared fab605ff21 greatly improved the terminal emulator, with colours (<ESC>[...m) and status support 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 0993182839 removed default-init as it is redundant 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 1c252126e8 improved the rc lib, assuming the start function returns a pid 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 1f97e90066 made the shell actually able to print tables containing functions 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 7b8c532141 made getty record the basepid properly 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 77c69f651b changed the build script to cope with the new init system 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 0de3d01191 exposed the rc configuration to the world 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 2fe738591d default rc configuration 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared e20c9546ea replacing the init system with something more OpenOS rc inspired 2 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 66ea129b7a commented some io library functions 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 3c1e2d31ae replaced the minitel implementation with the OpenOS version, mostly 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 4606620583 write documentation for netutil 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 90afc8d18d made netutil.ping actually return useful values 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 0712210768 better shell printing support 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 36b1b4dfe0 made build.sh clean up after itself better 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 05208810d3 buffer cleanup 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 7974ff9702 made the shell able to handle table values 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 39ea9c1a18 made import work, added unimport, aliased rm to fs.remove 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 4d0ce1e06d made ping actually live in the right namespace whoops 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 0ac4923568 added a free function to shutil 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared d90ce84cdb made init actually work, whoops 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 8920c074c4 we 2.0a2 now 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 201aa20c5a added the plan9k buffer library because it's cleaner than the old io library 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared ab604c84f7 made unarchive yield 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 15a6151748 added a ping util for testing network connectivity 3 months ago
  XeonSquared ba0320fcdc added an alias cp for the fs.copy function 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 054f58609b added auto-rewind and an no-rewind node for tape-devfs 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 0d01b03ddc cleaned up vtunnel, should actually work now 3 months ago
  XeonSquared cf0cf32642 configured the scheduler to be more ... responsive. 3 months ago
  XeonSquared c7213d4cbe updated a function comment to be more ... accurate 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 4ef792a06d added an initial vtunnel implementation 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 68130b80a6 made the shell look at libraries in _G.libs as well as just _G 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 200b99eb0c moved tape-iofs to tape-devfs, made it handle tape drive addition/removal over time 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 3c8ec4cabc fixed some stupid require() behavior 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 42938cf125 added gamax92's vcomponent lib, required next to zero changes 3 months ago
  XeonSquared 6ad21c7832 made require pull from a shared library pool 3 months ago