127 Commits (master)

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  XeonSquared ab604c84f7 made unarchive yield 1 week ago
  XeonSquared 15a6151748 added a ping util for testing network connectivity 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared ba0320fcdc added an alias cp for the fs.copy function 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 054f58609b added auto-rewind and an no-rewind node for tape-devfs 3 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 0d01b03ddc cleaned up vtunnel, should actually work now 4 weeks ago
  XeonSquared cf0cf32642 configured the scheduler to be more ... responsive. 4 weeks ago
  XeonSquared c7213d4cbe updated a function comment to be more ... accurate 4 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 4ef792a06d added an initial vtunnel implementation 4 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 68130b80a6 made the shell look at libraries in _G.libs as well as just _G 4 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 200b99eb0c moved tape-iofs to tape-devfs, made it handle tape drive addition/removal over time 4 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 3c8ec4cabc fixed some stupid require() behavior 4 weeks ago
  XeonSquared 42938cf125 added gamax92's vcomponent lib, required next to zero changes 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 6ad21c7832 made require pull from a shared library pool 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 1cb85bd5e8 updated nc and termsrv 1 month ago
  XeonSquared b408cfe27b made the shell return sane values 1 month ago
  XeonSquared dcf0cb75ae made spawnfile queue an event on a process ending, changed the shell to use it 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 8404946eba removed chatbox-dprint from the default modules 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 560cd4e0c7 made serialization have an extra param for display 1 month ago
  XeonSquared b370a90618 commented some scheduler functions 1 month ago
  XeonSquared f80a58ce1d removed a debug print statement from unionfs 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 2e10fb23b4 added programs to export and import filesystems over the network 1 month ago
  XeonSquared f9c8000080 added an mtrpc library 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 9dd7ec1889 convinced the event library to handle non-string filters 1 month ago
  XeonSquared ce6e405934 the shell now prints tables that are returned as a serialized value 1 month ago
  XeonSquared c78bb7b32c made unionfs read correctly 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 6dfb34bb72 added minitel to the default init, updated the package script 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 9dd5f5d4ad added an initial unionfs lib 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 0dbd1d5f8c significantly improved the shell; actually forks for processes now, shows the hostname, replaces an = at the start with return ... 1 month ago
  XeonSquared b3aa15b580 init now sets the hostname, if possible 1 month ago
  XeonSquared 1f66ef4f1c fobject:read() now supports reading until a specific character 1 month ago
  XeonSquared bba92a74f9 made build.sh put the init config in the right place 1 month ago
  XeonSquared b66e8f93a7 made free floor all numbers 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 787163c606 made ed actually have the right commands for stuff oops 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 180a5a9a78 made event.lua work with the new restrictions on the scheduler and such 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 37df78ffed corrected spelling in the serialization lib oops 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 80eea7142d made init less syslog-spammy 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 256e05233a updated fsmanager and included it in the default init 2 months ago
  XeonSquared a219b5603e added the ability to unmount filesystems, removed fs mounting stuff on its own 2 months ago
  XeonSquared a97e3c93ee made init not kill itself on startup 2 months ago
  XeonSquared ec699518b5 made df wrap numbers better 2 months ago
  XeonSquared faca451c57 added some filesystem-related utils 2 months ago
  XeonSquared aed9278433 made getty actually start relevant services and re-start on failure 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 6ad6880a6d rewrote init.lua to be a real init daemon 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 1bd18f45b3 made os.taskInfo() default to the current process 2 months ago
  XeonSquared d23a25613d made ps display the pid correctly 2 months ago
  XeonSquared ac98d09b93 made loadfile less chatty 2 months ago
  XeonSquared a335ff5c87 made ed not choke when you append an empty file 2 months ago
  XeonSquared e9aac95dd7 added a mkdir alias for fs.makeDirectory in the shell 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 150541d91b made :read()ing from a terminal not leave the trailing \n 2 months ago
  XeonSquared 6b5677b870 made dprint go through syslog in all cases 2 months ago