255 Commits (master)

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Izaya 1ef6d5db96 updated fsmanager to new service semantics 2 years ago
Izaya 6f1b673bec made liblz16 happier on OpenOS when decompressing smaller files 2 years ago
Izaya 2707ecc155 added significantly larger file support to libmtar, as well as versioning support 2 years ago
Izaya 8e84eb0c67 switched to using string.(un)pack in libmtar and liblz16, meaning it works on both big and little endian machines, and should be smaller and faster 2 years ago
Izaya c5f304380e one more try 2 years ago
Izaya 0aaf4acd52 apply the right separator for concat 2 years ago
Izaya d15a841316 made ed.open use the full path for the file 2 years ago
Izaya d12ec38016 made vi not choke when opening a new file, as well as actually preserve the file name 2 years ago
Izaya 0db31a2e27 added some more keyboard shortcuts to io.read linemode 2 years ago
Izaya 8865768576 made libmtar cope with lower memory systems at the expense of speed 3 years ago
Izaya 5db20adefd more standard package stuff, plus package.alias 3 years ago
Izaya d40ce731ef made rc enforce the new service semantics 3 years ago
Izaya 417856ebd6 modify the two services people actually use to work with the new service semantics 3 years ago
Izaya 216e0a15c6 removed os.spawnfile because nothing used it and it doesn't align with the system's design 3 years ago
Izaya 5938f75f4c added a process_finished event and added syslog error reporting 3 years ago
Izaya be3d3c207f rewrote require() to support package.path and submodules 3 years ago
Izaya 522d456433 add basic submodule support to require 3 years ago
Izaya 5e9baee9fa stole some code from AmandaC to handle an undocumented condition with 404 errors returned by the internet card 3 years ago
Izaya 4a5d9bcee2 better type annotation for genHeader 3 years ago
Izaya f0fb5ff776 removed unarchive from the mtar library, wasn't meant to be in there anyway 3 years ago
Izaya 22bd6982d0 made cursor movement and newlines work properly when they hit screen borders 3 years ago
Izaya 8bb123f198 added a component documentation searcher 3 years ago
Izaya 3f82d96b8e buffer history now: can't go out of bounds, can go to an empty line once you go past the most recent 3 years ago
Izaya 0421034ff7 added history support to buffer:read() in terminal mode, do provide feedback 3 years ago
Izaya e3069f94a3 make unionfs a more ... optional dependency of netutil 3 years ago
Izaya f9749ac181 more draw call optimisation 3 years ago
Izaya 642eb9adf1 reduced redraw to two draw calls, four colour calls, and one get call: draw line, get character, invert colours for cell 3 years ago
Izaya b4db6c7226 remove debugging syslog calls from buffer library, reduce draw calls for readline 3 years ago
Izaya f95124996c moved all readline analogs into the buffer module 3 years ago
Izaya 1cc220d38e made io.input open buffers with mode t, for use with readline coming soonTM 3 years ago
Izaya 87596c8834 add os.getTimeout() function to ask how long the scheduler waits between running processes 3 years ago
Izaya 4e64a55169 cleaner default source list 3 years ago
Izaya 322cb837bb add main repo as default 3 years ago
Izaya 8ae4d7b57c made rc load and search pkgfs if a service isn't found 3 years ago
Izaya 2fbee483b2 move actual preproc lib into folder rather than symlinking to the version in lib/, a better solution will be considered later 3 years ago
Izaya b82bb2a853 move libraries out of main dist and into PsychOSPackages 3 years ago
Izaya 92084e8c90 remove vcomponent and vtunnel because they are now included in the PsychOSPackages repo 3 years ago
Izaya 21f40b3f3c make pkgman remove system packages 3 years ago
Izaya 9983acb267 clean up pkgman.upgrade 3 years ago
Izaya 6a39fe1743 made rc search for services in the pkgfs 3 years ago
Izaya 45c70cbaa6 made require search the pkgfs if available 3 years ago
Izaya 89ab49faf6 made pkgman cleanly remove packages before updating them 3 years ago
Izaya f86f7d54ad add pkgfs.component.exists and do automounting of archives 3 years ago
Izaya 4e3df481cc attempt to force the internet card to work (ha\!) 3 years ago
Izaya 360bb88ac3 added the pkgman package manager library 3 years ago
Izaya c1fcfd652e fserv now sends the correct status messages for HTTP(S) proxying 3 years ago
Izaya 8b4d0e4eb8 fixed file downloading with the HTTP(S) proxies in the download library 3 years ago
Izaya edbe787ea6 added AmandaC's download library, with some modifications - including HTTP(S) support 3 years ago
Izaya 999d8e0387 rewrote the whole index thing and made it possible to remove packages from the pkgfs index 3 years ago
Izaya 3266c66fc4 updated fserv to fit the new (and next) service system 3 years ago