early work on OpenOS bootstrapping

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@ -12,6 +12,14 @@ For installing to an unmanaged drive or tape
- rtfs
- boopu
There are two easy methods to get these packages.
1. With oppm, if available, you can run `oppm install mtar partman rtfs boopu`.
2. You can use the `obootstrap.lua` script to set up a temporary environment for installing PsychOS. This can even be used from the OpenOS installer disk.
# wget https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/OC-PsychOS2/raw/branch/master/obootstrap.lua /tmp/obootstrap.lua
# /tmp/obootstrap.lua
### Preparing the target disk
#### Managed filesystem
Preparing a managed filesystem is extremely simple: attach it to your computer, and make sure there's nothing that you want to keep in the following locations on the filesystem:

obootstrap.lua Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
local fs = require "filesystem"
local wdir = "/tmp/psbootstrap"
local dlfiles = {
["/lib/libmtar.lua"] = "https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/OC-misc/raw/branch/master/mtar/libmtar.lua",
["/lib/fs/rtfs/init.lua"] = "https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/PsychOSPackages/raw/branch/master/rtfs/lib/fs/rtfs/init.lua",
["/lib/fs/rtfs/v1.lua"] = "https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/PsychOSPackages/raw/branch/master/rtfs/lib/fs/rtfs/v1.lua",
["/lib/diskpart.lua"] = "https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/PsychOSPackages/raw/branch/master/diskpart/lib/diskpart.lua",
["/etc/rc.d/partman.lua"] = "https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/OC-misc/raw/branch/master/partition/OpenOS/etc/rc.d/partman.lua",
["/bin/slicer.lua"] = "https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/PsychOSPackages/raw/branch/master/slicer/exec/slicer.lua",
["/bin/boopu.lua"] = "https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/PsychOSPackages/raw/branch/master/boopu/exec/boopu.lua",
local function run(cmd)
print("Downloading and linking files...")
for k,v in pairs(dlfiles) do
local tpath = string.format("%s/%s", wdir, k)
local isdir = fs.isDirectory(fs.path(tpath)) or fs.makeDirectory(fs.path(tpath))
run(string.format("wget '%s' '%s'", v, tpath))
local lt = k
while not fs.isDirectory(fs.path(lt)) and not fs.isLink(fs.path(lt)) do
lt = fs.path(lt)
if fs.get(tpath) ~= fs.get(lt) then
run(string.format("ln '%s/%s' '%s'", wdir, lt, lt))