Izaya izaya

Mirror of 20kdc's KittenOS

Updated 3 weeks ago

Mirror of CollapseOS

Updated 4 months ago

Linux Voice Activated Macro

Updated 6 months ago

Script to convert Monster Hunter World's news.json into an RSS feed

Updated 6 months ago

Miscellaneous OpenComputers stuff.

Updated 7 months ago

Easy-to-implement networking protocol for OpenComputers

Updated 7 months ago

Updated 8 months ago

Operating system for OpenComputers

Updated 9 months ago

Script to open a specific program based on domain provided

Updated 10 months ago

Assorted non-essential packages for PsychOS

Updated 11 months ago

ZNC module to notify of pings over XMPP.

Updated 11 months ago

Generator for my site.

Updated 1 year ago

Item storage system for OpenComputers using Storage Drawers

Updated 1 year ago

Spanning File System for use with RAID blocks in OpenComputers, for Minecraft

Updated 1 year ago

Tiny gopher daemon written in Lua.

Updated 2 years ago