Easy-to-implement networking protocol for OpenComputers
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An easy-to-implement networking protocol for OpenComputers. Not to be confused with the French computer network of the same name.

Minitel ad

Minitel aims to implement layers 3, 4 and 5 of the OSI model.


Layer organisation in Minitel

Layer 3

Layer 3 implements addressing, meshing and datagram transmission.

Layer 4

Layer 4 implements ordered message delivery

Layer 5

Layer 5 implements reliable, ordered, bidirectional streams.




Embedded devices

Application-layer protocols

This repository also contains a number of implementations and specifications for application-layer protocols using Minitel.

Development and discussion

Code and documentation is hosted in the Github repository.

Discussion takes place in, among other places, the #SKSDev IRC channel on EsperNet (irc://irc.esper.net/#SKSDev) or alternatively, via webchat or XMPP (xmpp:#SKSDev%irc.esper.net@irc.jabberfr.org?join))