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Litters for Biotech

Litters for Biotech is a patch to a mod named Lewd Biotech, by leboeuf, removing the dependency on the Forbidden Mod.


  • Biotech pregnancy compatible multibirth system, allowing pawns to have random twins with a default 1-in-100 chance.
  • Littered births gene, where pawns can have guaranteed litters of multiple babies.

Issues and bugs

Please report all bugs to the mod's issue tracker on the Gitea repo ( Please don't report bugs anywhere else. Having a single place to view latest bug reports shortens the time it takes to find and resolve them. Please provide a log and (if possible) your full current modlist when reporting issues.

Known issues

  • If you reload the game, the children counter resets, meaning your pawns can have more than 4 kids in one go. I'm sure nobody will use this for evil.


The project is currently set up to be built directly from within your "RimWorld/Mods" folder, which is usually under "steamapps/common" on Steam installs. I've hit it with a hammer until it builds on Linux with msbuild, but probably broke building it with Visual Studio in the process.