Operating system for OpenComputers
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rm -r target/*
mkdir -p target/doc &>/dev/null
$LUA build.lua kcfg/$KVAR.cfg target/init.lua
echo _OSVERSION=\"PsychOS 2.0a3-$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)-$KVAR\" > target/version.lua
cat target/version.lua target/init.lua > target/tinit.lua
mv target/tinit.lua target/init.lua
cp -r service/ lib/ cfg/ exec/ target/
rm target/version.lua
rm -r doc/ &>/dev/null
$LUA finddesc.lua doc/ $(find lib/ module/ -type f|sort)
$LUA gendoc.lua target/doc/kernel.dict $(find module/ -type f|sort)
pandoc doc/apidoc.md docs-metadata.yml --template=template.tex -o doc/apidoc.pdf