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  Izaya d93ad0f785 Update ai.lua a bit and stuff 5 years ago
  Izaya 1458be499d Merge pull request #7 from IndecentAdri/patch-6 5 years ago
  Izaya 02ecb3a2c2 Merge pull request #6 from KaTaai/patch-1 5 years ago
  Izaya 8b1a413c22 Fixed a formatting issue. 5 years ago
  IndecentAdri 3f8f542d4e Update ai.lua 5 years ago
  KaTaai 2509e0a228 Update ai.lua 5 years ago
  Izaya 3c763f4c05 Merge pull request #5 from IndecentAdri/patch-5 5 years ago
  IndecentAdri 34ea367617 Update ai.lua 5 years ago
  Izaya fbe34c0346 Merge pull request #4 from IndecentAdri/patch-4 5 years ago
  IndecentAdri 1884c6bc76 Update ai.lua 5 years ago
  Izaya 7997aa4e17 Stuff needs commas 5 years ago
  Izaya 48dd8fb432 Merge pull request #3 from IndecentAdri/patch-3 5 years ago
  IndecentAdri af4f4cc78e Update ai.lua 5 years ago
  Izaya a4b491d63c Just some minor changes to Adri's suggesitons 5 years ago
  Izaya 86394163b5 Merge pull request #2 from IndecentAdri/patch-2 5 years ago
  IndecentAdri c56c8063dd Update ai.lua 5 years ago
  Izaya b22992800c Fixed a missing comma 5 years ago
  Izaya 9ecd23b91e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:XeonSquared/yukichan 5 years ago
  Izaya 1e6af48fb9 Updated stuff. 5 years ago
  Izaya 22f2b98f07 Fixed stuff. 5 years ago
  Izaya 7d2619d9cd Merge pull request #1 from IndecentAdri/patch-1 5 years ago
  IndecentAdri 00b20c6143 Update ai.lua 5 years ago
  Izaya 35bcb741f2 Updated AI code and added some more responses. 5 years ago
  Izaya 17f1d09e76 Updated ai.lua, attempted to add a timeout mechanism (it doesn't work) 5 years ago
  Izaya 8021d11dd2 Added mpd command, made AI hook work better, added more content to the AI, fixed some misc stuff 5 years ago
  Izaya 12edd5c5a2 Made the AI module use the global nick settings 5 years ago
  Izaya a09faa268e Made the AI module case-insensitive. 5 years ago
  Izaya 3c3034de21 General code cleanup. 5 years ago
  Izaya ca311aef1e Rewrote the parser, added timeouts 5 years ago
  Izaya b978594993 Added an AI module, works mostly. 5 years ago
  Izaya 8a2f380146 Moved high-five module outside of main script, added method to extend. 5 years ago
  Izaya b70d0eaa20 Hopefully last change to the high-five catcher 5 years ago
  Izaya 77be29f362 Hopefully last change to high-five catcher 5 years ago
  Izaya 1710a64304 Fixed high-five responding. 5 years ago
  Izaya f4a188194f More duct tape and regex. Still can't autojoin, but can do actions now! 5 years ago
  Izaya fdee904cd6 Very basic stuff done, bot now pings and has a parsing function. More stuff after I get a drink 5 years ago
  Izaya 6a951a0e1e Made serialization work on straight lua. 5 years ago
  Izaya 4eda641338 Added a default configuration file. 5 years ago
  Izaya f104fa41f3 Initial work on the actual bot. 5 years ago
  Izaya 41e3b9ab85 Added serialization lib from OpenComputers 5 years ago
  Izaya 3b843daa1f Initial commit 5 years ago