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  Izaya ca84af756c added a gitignore to ignore the data dirs 3 weeks ago
  Izaya bcd90e907c made it display authors or dates if one is available 2 months ago
  Izaya 63ab3b285f added a homepage generator 2 months ago
  Izaya 60c2013872 made sitelib clean up after itself; note to self: investigate using pipes 2 months ago
  Izaya f85f9a2b38 automation 2 months ago
  Izaya 494a5d133d added the tagging system 2 months ago
  Izaya 2b6dd4ad69 add blog.lua, for generating blog indexes and stuff 2 months ago
  Izaya a1e35ece94 added genpages to generate the plain pages 2 months ago
  Izaya c9e3590976 added sitelib 2 months ago
  Izaya 904e044c51 Initial commit 2 months ago