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Izaya 3b78ec9b81 updated to differentiate between v0 and v1 archives 4 months ago
Izaya 1f5c0b013e updated liblz16 and libmtar to use string.(un)pack and support bigger files 4 months ago
Izaya efe7e000c4 removed the -p flag from OpenOS mkdir 11 months ago
Izaya 407d8fa43c refactored instgen to be much cleaner and natively support merging programs.cfg files 11 months ago
Izaya 8b3ccc8e4b Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.shadowkat.net:2222/izaya/OC-misc into master 11 months ago
Izaya f9af8fb9ef added scrolling support to the repoinstaller menu 11 months ago
Izaya 4d863c6ff1 set modes to binary explicitly 1 year ago
Izaya f7ee3e3250 Updated README to include libmtar documentation and added type annotations to libmtar 1 year ago
Izaya 235684b979 moved the unarchive function out of libmtar, making it significantly simpler and more compact, and allowing implementations to deal with the implementation details 1 year ago
Izaya f20719f3cb added mtar.iter to libmtar 1 year ago
Izaya b13fae7d29 added file format documentation 2 years ago
Izaya 9e7d778e21 added an mtar utility for OpenOS 2 years ago
Izaya 7e41ce6ee2 removed some unnecessary stuff 2 years ago
Izaya f5262fad08 replaced toint with a shorter version 2 years ago
Izaya a82ce51d05 added a lz16 stream library, depending on lzss 2 years ago
Izaya 78385370fd added a minitel archive library 2 years ago
Izaya dc55813b69 added some partitioning-related stuff 2 years ago
Izaya 0df2aa922e I wrote this like two months ago 2 years ago
Izaya a6ff63d398 fixed repoinstaller's dealing with absolute paths 2 years ago
Izaya 7a48f1a27f made repoinstaller cope with external files reasonably 2 years ago
Izaya b68f1ad9e1 improved output for unarchive 2 years ago
Izaya 33477c7528 made unarchive actually able to un-archive files 2 years ago
Izaya f92cbde89b added a new simpler tape loader and an archiving program for it 2 years ago
Izaya 24f5d543e1 moved tapeloader to cpioloader 2 years ago
Izaya 13a1fd9af5 added tapeloader, for loading OSes into the tmpfs from tape 2 years ago
Izaya 106388416e fix repoinstaller URL 2 years ago
Izaya a34a0dc971 cleanup and docs 3 years ago
Izaya 61845fb7cc added an installer generator 3 years ago
Izaya 230a04f59f added minitel chat I guess 3 years ago
Izaya 2fa3af5170 added repoinstaller, still need to write docs 3 years ago
Izaya 74417fab68 Initial commit 3 years ago