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A lightweight, multi-user operating system for OpenComputers
## Building
### The kernel
The kernel can be built using luapreproc:
./luapreproc.lua module/init.lua kernel.lua
### The boot filesystem
A boot filesystem contains several things:
- The kernel, as init.lua
- The exec/ directory, as this contains all executables
- The lib/ directory, containing libraries
- The service/ directory, containing system services
This has been automated in the form of build.sh, pending a real makefile.
## Documentation
To generate function documentation, run:

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
mkdir build
cd module
cat sched.lua syslog.lua vt100.lua fs.lua iofs.lua loadfile.lua vt-task.lua io.lua dispmanager.lua init.lua > ../build/psychos.lua
cd ..
echo '_OSVERSION="PsychOS 2.0a0"' >> build/*
echo sched\(\) >> build/*
rm -r target/*
mkdir target
lua luapreproc.lua module/init.lua target/init.lua
cp -r exec/ service/ lib/ target/