Zorya NEO BIOS and Bootloader
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Zorya NEO

What is Zorya NEO?

Zorya NEO is the successor to the Zorya 1.x series of BIOS+Bootloaders for OpenComputers. It's design is now much more modular and extendable.

How do I begin?

Grab the latest release. Install the BIOS before the utilities. The install is self-extracting. Don't download the tsar.

How do I configure it?

Edit /.zy2/cfg.lua or use the OpenOS config generator.

What modules/libraries are included by default?

  • Multithreading (krequire("thd"))
  • TSAR archive reader (krequire("util_tsar"))
  • CPIO archive reader (krequire("util_cpio"))
  • URF archive reader (krequire("util_urf"))
  • Romfs archive reader (krequire("util_romfs"))
  • Minitel networking (krequire("net_minitel"))
  • vComponent (krequire("util_vcomponent"))
  • OEFIv1 (loadmod("util_oefiv1"))
  • OEFIv2 (loadmod("util_oefiv2"))
  • OpenOS loader (loadmod("loader_openos"))
  • Fuchas loader (loadmod("loader_fuchas"))
  • vBIOS (loadmod("vdev_vbios"))
  • Search paths configuration (loadmod("util_searchpaths"))
  • BIOS info component (loadmod("vdev_biosdev"))
  • VFS (loadmod("vfs"))
  • Zorya classic menu (loadmod("menu_classic"))

What's the difference between modules and libraries?

There's not really a hard difference. But libraries shouldn't load modules. Modules can load libraries, though.