Lua IRC bot.
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{"I'm a real person, I swear!","I'm most certainly not a bot! D:"},
{"I really like Queens of the Stone Age","Paramore is pretty good.","Green Day is great to listen to.",""},
{"!cookie %s","\01ACTION gives %s a snowflake-shaped cookie\01","!cookie yukichan","!cake %s"},
{"tsunbot a shit","tsunbot should pull a ThatAnon","tsunbot should self-terminate."},
{"Who knows ? ;3"},
{"\01ACTION giggles\01"},
{"you", "are", "is", "so", "cute", "!"}
{"\01ACTION hugs %s\01"},
{"\01ACTION tenderly hugs %s\01"},
{"tired", "angry", "depressed","stressed"}
{"Goodnight %s ! Have sweet dreams <3"},
{"bed", "sleep", "goodnight"}
{"You're welcome ! ;3"},
{"thank", "you"}