Miscellaneous OpenComputers stuff.
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A set of tools for making installable floppies for OpenComputers from OPPM repositories.


An installer script that can be placed on a floppy containing an oppm repo to create an installer. Includes selecting packages for installation and attempting to install packages via oppm if they are not found.

There must be a master/ folder, containing a programs.cfg file on the disk, and all paths in programs.cfg must be specified relative to the root of the floppy disk.


A script to download an oppm repository to create an installer (including install script)


instgen https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ShadowKatStudios/OC-Minitel/master/programs.cfg /mnt/04d/

This will download all the files specified in the programs.cfg specified into /mnt/04d, in a manner compatible with repoinstaller.

You must provide your own .prop file.