Linux Voice Activated Macro
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recall ship /1e-30/
cargo scoop /1e-30/
balance power levels /1e-30/
power to weapons /1e-50/
power to core /1e-40/
power to shields /1e-40/
recall fighter /1e-40/
fighter defend me /1e-50/
fighter attack target /1e-60/
fighter engage at will /1e-60/
fighter maintain formation /1e-70/
fighter hold position /1e-60/
victor hand brake /1e-30/
victor headlights /1e-40/
toggle turret mode /1e-40/
next fire group /1e-40/
previous fire group /1e-60/
switch hud mode /1e-30/
toggle night vision /1e-40/
toggle orbital lines /1e-50/
full speed /1e-20/
approach speed /1e-20/
full stop /1e-20/
target next system /1e-50/
target highest threat /1e-50/
next hostile target /1e-50/
previous hostile target /1e-70/
cycle next target /1e-50/
cycle previous target /1e-70/
victor full beams /1e-40/
select wingman alpha /1e-60/
select wingman beta /1e-60/
select wingman charlie /1e-60/
select wing target /1e-50/
target next subsystem /1e-50/
target previous subsystem /1e-70/
wingman nav lock /1e-35/
engage super cruise /1e-50/
engage jump drive /1e-40/
toggle silent running /1e-60/
deploy heat sink /1e-40/
deploy shield boost /1e-40/
deploy chaff /1e-30/
toggle landing gear /1e-50/
open galaxy map /1e-60/
open system map /1e-50/